♥ Jeanine ♥ (mommy_egats) wrote in bun_inmy_oven,
♥ Jeanine ♥

Week 10

Your baby's started growing tiny fingernails and toenails and can now kick and swallow ? pretty impressive for someone the size of a walnut. Within the next few weeks, your featherweight baby will more than double in size, from just over an inch to nearly 3 inches. At your next prenatal appointment, you may be able to hear her heart beating with a stethoscope-like instrument called a Doppler.

Your baby now is somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2
inches in length and probably weighs about 4 grams (which is
about the same weight as 4 paper clips). In terms of
physical development, your baby has toes, eyes that are
usually open, and ears that are completely formed. Your baby
now has lips and the genitals that are becoming more clearly
defined. The little pollywog you have inside loses its
"tail". This is what is termed "the fetal period".
For an image of your baby at 10 weeks visit:

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