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11 weeks

Your fig-sized fetus now measures 1 1/2 inches from head to bottom and weighs in at a quarter-ounce. He finally looks like a baby, with tiny but fully formed fingers and toes. As his body grows and becomes more developed and functional, he'll start twisting and turning like an acrobat, cushioned and protected by your amniotic fluid. You, on the other hand, are probably feeling less like a gymnast every day. Heartburn (caused by pregnancy hormones that relax the valve separating your esophagus from your stomach) and indigestion may be annoying you during the day and keeping you up at night. Just remember, all this suffering is for a good cause you're having a baby!

Your baby weighs about 7 grams, is about 2 inches long and
in an ultrasound will look a bit out of proportion.
Your baby has toes, eyes, ears, fingernails and lips, but
it may appear that your baby's head is about 1/2 the size of
their body. This will change as the baby grows.
For an image of a baby at week 11 visit:

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